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Benefits of Programmable Thermostats for Commercial HVAC Systems

Just like your home's AC system, Commercial HVAC systems run off of a thermostat whether it's a single thermostat in a small office or a complete building automation system in a large hospital or manufacturing facility.

Commercial HVAC systems benefit a great deal from having an up-to-date thermostat, just like your home's AC system. Programmable thermostats can provide a lot of savings when it comes to the business's electric bills but, can also help prolong the Commercial HVAC system's life.

A programmable thermostat in a commercial setting allows the business owner to control both comfort levels in the office building as well as the companies expense on heating and cooling.

Allowing employees the ability to manually change the HVAC systems temperature levels can often result in larger electric bills and more wear and tear on the HVAC system itself. Oftentimes in businesses that employees make changes to the thermostat the AC runs all night long as well because no one remembers to turn it back up in the evening since they are focused on going home.

With a programmable thermostat, the ability to control temperature levels throughout the day and evening hours has a huge impact on electricity bills allowing businesses to save a lot outside normal business hours.

For instance, if you were a business owner of a clothing store, you could set your thermostat to raise the temperature in the evening after staff is gone for the day. This would decrease your electricity usage a lot and prolong the life of your Commercial HVAC system.

Key benefits for business owners to getting a new thermostat for Commercial HVAC systems:

  • A Warranty - Having a warranty on your thermostat provides peace of mind.

  • Remote control - Many programmable thermostats today also offer apps that can connect to your thermostat via the company wifi allowing you to control the system from anywhere.

  • Affordable installations - Most thermostats today are very affordable and can save businesses a large amount of money in energy expenses

  • Programmable - Programmable thermostats allow you to "set it and forget it" essentially provided your business hours do not change.

  • Alerts - Some programmable thermostats also provide system alerts for filter changes and other HVAC-related alerts via the mobile app. When followed, the alerts both prolong the life of Commercial HVAC systems as well as improve efficiency.


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