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Heat Not Working? No Sweat. We Can Fix That, Too!

It’s the 4 weeks in Florida that we actually get a ‘cold snap’. It’s freezing and wet out, the house has an unusual chill, you’re excited to actually use the heater, and…. nothing. Your heating system gave up and never told you!

If your furnace isn’t working properly, contact 3H AC for the highest quality heating repair in Tampa! We know how to heat things up when it’s cool outside.

Heating Services & Repairs in Tampa FL

3H Services All Types Of Heat Pumps, Heat Strips & Furnaces

Murphy’s Law Says: If your heater goes belly up, it will never pick a convenient time to do so. Before digging out the space heaters and extra blankets, call on our Tampa HVAC services to identify your heating problem. We can spot issues like:

  • Dirty burners, blower motors, and flame sensors
  • Too much gas getting to the equipment
  • Broken parts, including capacitors, heat strips, starting components, and draft inducers
  • Cracked heat exchangers
  • How to solve air infiltration problems, such as overly dry air and drafty areas of your home

Our HVAC system techs work closely with our owner and master technicians to diagnose and fix all challenges. Our comprehensive heating services and air conditioning services handle a lot more than your standard “break/fix” issues.
Our team can show you:

  • Problems that seem related to equipment, but aren’t – uneven heating among rooms, duct leakage, heat pump sizing, and airflow problems
  • Potential sources of CO leakage, which could actually be a much bigger problem than not having heat

Why We're The Best At Heating Repair in Tampa

3H AC is a family-owned and operated HVAC company dedicated to serving the Tampa Bay area since 1972. We take pride in giving the best service to our customers, and are proud to be a BBB Accredited Business with an A+ rating. All of our service call technicians are highly trained experts who specialize in providing our customers with energy efficient systems. We inspect all systems before offering suggestions for HVAC repair, and we offer emergency services to make your home comfortable fast.

Our excellent warranties ensure that homeowners live worry-free. New residential heating & air systems have a ten year warranty on major parts. We submit your warranties so you don’t have to! We also include a one year-labor warranty and a free checkup one year after the installation.

Licensed & Insured

3H AC is licensed as a Certified Mechanical Contractor with the State of Florida. We carry all required insurance.
We are trusted experts with an outstanding reputation in the Tampa area.

FAQs About Heating Repairs

Just like your car, even with routine maintenance, your furnace will eventually need repair services and replacement due to wear and tear. Here’s what you need to know when something goes wrong.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Heater In Your House?

You can find a number of credible sites online that indicate a range of costs to repair your heating unit. Homeguide.com indicates repair costs that range from $125 and $355 for most home owners.

Homeadvisor.com indicates a range from $131 and $486 to repair and clean a furnace, with an average cost of $309.

When it comes to electric heaters, depending on what is wrong with them, it can cost as little as $50 according to Forbes.com. While they also indicate a range of prices, the amount provided was to indicate that typical electric heaters are typically a less expensive repair for homeowners.

The State of Florida offers a Weatherization Assistance Program with grants for energy-saving repairs. You can check details and eligibility on their government website

Why Did My Central Heating Stop Working?

The most common reason for heating systems to fail is poor maintenance. We recommend an annual tune-up by an HVAC contractor to keep your furnace in top shape for years to come. Your central heating might stop working if:

  • The thermostat has problems. With Tampa’s warm weather, it’s easy to leave on the cooling system and forget to turn on the heat! Make sure that your thermostat is switched to “heat” or “automatic,” or the heat will not switch on. The thermostat may also need a new battery.
  • The furnace filter needs to be cleaned or replaced. Dirty filters can damage your furnace’s electrical systems and restrict air flow, which keeps the furnace from blowing warm air.
  • The blower capacitor or motor needs replacement. The blower motor moves warm air from the furnace and cool air from the air conditioning system throughout the house.
  • The heat pump is leaking. Leaks cause your heat pump to lose refrigerant, which is the chemical that heats your home with the heat pump, and cools it with the air conditioning system.
  • Ducts are blocked or leaking. If the furnace comes on but some of your rooms are cold, make sure that the duct room registers are open. The duct work in your home could also need sealing.

How Often Do Heating Systems Need To Be Replaced?

Electric furnaces can last over 20 years, while gas furnaces have a lifespan between 15 and 20 years. We recommend replacing your furnace every 15 years to ensure your family is always kept cozy.

You might want to consider replacing your furnace sooner if:

  • Your furnace needs frequent expensive repairs
  • Unusual noises are coming from the furnace, like crackling, humming, or buzzing
  • Indoor air quality is poor when the furnace is running
  • Rooms are heated unevenly
  • Heating bills are rising even though you are not using your furnace any more frequently

What Our Clients Say

Erin B.

St. Pete, Florida

We contacted 3H Contracting after learning that one of our two units needed to be replaced. Due to the age of the functioning unit, we decided to replace both units and are very impressed with 3H's responsiveness and workmanship. From choosing the units to performing the work, the folks at 3H are professionals all the way.

Donna G.

Bradenton, Florida

We have used 3H Contracting for the last 2 years to baby our old A/C unit along. Well, our old unit decided to retire, right at the beginning of our Florida heat season! We called 3H Contracting first for an estimate and also called a few other companies to decide which one would offer us the best price. As no surprise to us, 3H Contracting won our business again!

Tampa Heating Experts

Are you having problems with your HVAC system and need AC repair or maintenance service? We understand the importance of being comfortable in your own home. Heating and AC problems are a nuisance and disrupt your everyday life, hosting guests, and working.

Schedule an appointment with us today. We service Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas Counties. No matter the problem, we offer 24 hour response time, same day service, and next day home services to meet all of your heating and air conditioning needs.

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