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Building Automation

Building Automation

Linking your systems together..
Systems can be integrated by linking the Direct Digital Control System networks together. This is done through a shared platform. The shared platform transfers information from one language to another which allows other devices to interact.

Your commercial system’s efficiency can be improved by pairing it with an automation system. Our professionals will inspect your current system determining how a BAS will provide you with better control. Most importantly, automation should lower operating expenses!

Building automation in Tampa, Florida

Commercial heating and cooling systems require more controls and upgrades to operate efficiently within larger spaces. 3H is dedicated to providing you with the latest advancements in controls for your system and the upgrades that will benefit you most. Contact 3H to learn more about the options we have for controls and upgrades for your commercial HVAC system.

Preventing Energy Waste

Saving and preventing Energy Waste for our commercial customers is our #1 concern at 3H when evaluating any HVAC system for possible replacement or new buildout.   Maximizing energy efficiency can quite literally save you money.   While the local weather should be included as a determining factor for optimizing energy usage levels, it’s not the only consideration we calculate at 3H.  We also measure and calculate your buildings ‘Zones’; setting different cooling and heating levels for different areas of your commercial building.  It’s just one of our many clever tricks to save our commercial customers time, energy, and money.

Building Automation

At 3H, we take the challenge out of commercial ductwork installation. Our senior team has the combined experience of over 85 years designing, installing and working on commercial HVAC, custom ductwork, and ventilation installations across Florida for every type and size of building. Coupled with our in-house fabrication capabilities, 3H we are THE right partner for getting your commercial job done quickly, intelligently, efficiently.

We offer high performance ductwork installation, ductwork fabrication, and custom ductwork products for many commercial air conditioning systems.

Custom Ductwork Solutions – One unique capability of 3H is our in-house fabrication shop which can provide quick turnaround on custom ductwork of all kinds. Not only does this save you time and money, but it allows us to provide unique, low profile solutions to challenging installations.

Electric/Electrical Controls

Commercial buildings operate differently than residential ones….
HVAC Building Controls cover a broad range of products, functions, and supply sources. Providing a solution starts with understanding how the building is setup and it’s HVAC systems.

3H specializes in electronic direct digital control (DDC).
DDC is sometimes used to describe everything a computer or microprocessor based control system does.

Maximizing your Energy Management often starts with the DDC. Understanding the digital information displayed in the panels is a main part for the efficiency of your automation system.

Optimizing. It’s all about control, not only controlling space conditions, but doing it in a manner that minimizes energy.  Handcrafting a strategy proven to improve the efficiency is what we do!

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