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Commercial HVAC Repair in Tampa, FL

Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning Repair in Tampa, Florida

When you want your commercial facility to provide a safe, comfortable working environment, properly functioning heating and air conditioning is a must. Poorly-functioning HVAC equipment is a surefire way to reduce energy efficiency and increase your energy costs. Fortunately, 3H AC has experts that can handle any commercial air conditioning repair in Tampa, FL.

Commercial HVAC services on a Tampa rooftop

Types of Commercial Properties We Service

3H AC is the most reliable commercial HVAC repair company in Tampa. We service all types of commercial properties in the Tampa area and all brands of units. So, if you’re looking for commercial HVAC service in any of the following buildings, we’re here to help. 

  • Apartment complexes
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Stores
  • New construction
  • Property managed communities
  • And more

No matter what type of commercial property you own, our Tampa HVAC contractors will ensure your facility is running smoothly. 

Brands We Service

At 3H AC, we service all brands in the HVAC industry. Our preferred equipment contractors for Tampa commercial AC repair include:

When you work with 3H AC for commercial AC repair in Tampa, you can feel confident knowing we’ve built our excellent reputation with years of experience working on the most well-respected brands available.

Service Areas

3H AC proudly serves Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas counties in Florida. If you are located in any of those counties, we’re happy to come and give you an estimate for a commercial air conditioning system.

Call 3H AC for Commercial HVAC Repair in Tampa, FL

Trust the experts to evaluate your AC unit accurately and perform the proper maintenance to ensure it runs smoothly. Contact us today!

Know When It’s Time to Call for Help

The most common problems you might experience with your commercial heating or cooling system include…

  • The unit won’t turn on
  • Excessive or loud noises when the system starts up or while it is operating
  • The system is humming, but the fan isn’t functional
  • The fan is operating, but the compressor has stopped working
  • Warm air is blowing when the air conditioning is on
  • The blower runs constantly
  • There is water pooling around the air conditioning

What Our Clients Say

Emily C.

Tampa, Florida

We have been working with 3H for about 6 years now. Their technicians are always prompt, honest, and helpful. Their pricing is very competitive. I would recommend them to anyone.

Katana E.

Sarasota, Florida

My air conditioner went out over a week ago. When I noticed my a/c wasn't working, and it was tripping the inside breaker. I reached out to 3H contracting the owner Brian sent Tristan out the very next day. Definitely will use them in the future for all my a/c & heating needs.

Commercial HVAC Repair FAQs

The best way to service your commercial AC unit is by scheduling regular maintenance with professionals. However, to maintain your unit between visits, there’s some essential HVAC maintenance you can do. Specifically, you can change your air filters, clean the exterior unit, and avoid any blockages.

Commercial AC units are designed to last approximately 10 to 20 years. Of course, this depends on a few factors. The best way to extend your unit’s life or prevent prematurely replacing a commercial AC system is by keeping up with proper maintenance.

If you need to reset your air conditioning units, you’ll need to follow a few steps. First, turn off the system using the thermostat. Next, locate your AC’s breaker in the breaker box and flip the breaker switch. Then, wait a full minute before flipping the switch and another thirty before turning the unit back on. Remember to give your unit some time to kick on to ensure it’s working.

On average, you’ll want to have your HVAC unit serviced twice a year. You can schedule regular maintenance with 3H to ensure prompt service. To ensure you don’t run into any trouble between air conditioning service visits, practice basic upkeep between visits. This includes keeping the unit clean and free of blockages.

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