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Healthy HVAC Needs Healthy Ducts

Ductwork matters. Did you know that most ducts are leaky, undersized, and poorly installed?  If you have this situation, your HVAC system struggles. Additionally, it affects cooling capabilities and your air quality. It’s sudden death for your wallet, too. Ouch!

The good news?  3H takes the guesswork out of your ductwork… Done and Done.

We help your ductwork help you. Here's how.

The #1 side effect of poor ducts: duct leaks are expensive! Every time your HVAC system runs, you lose conditioned air to your crawlspace or attic. Ductwork problems can also decrease air quality. At 3H, we eliminate those problems with the following services:

  • Duct sealing: We seal all connection points, boots, and registers, so you can say goodbye to duct leakage
  • Duct replacement: Dust, dirt, mold, and dust mites could be living in your ducts. For excessive corrosion, a full replacement obliterates any concerns about contaminants and improves indoor air quality
  • Airflow adjustments: Sagging flex ducts, poor duct installation, or improper register sizing inhibits airflow and creates air quality problems. We make adjustments to your ductwork to achieve the proper pressure balance and improve comfort

Save $ and boost energy efficiency with a smart duct design. You will also improve comfort, and makes your HVAC equipment last longer. At 3H, we’re duct system fanatics. Here’s how we make great ductwork a reality:

  • Ductwork design: When ductwork causes pressure imbalances, poor indoor air quality, or uneven temperatures, redesigning it is a great move. We design ductwork according to Manual D, the proper ACCA industry standard
  • Ductwork installation: Want proper airflow, proper static pressure, and consistent temperatures throughout your home? So do we. We install hard pipe ducts and flexible ducts with quality connectors – no sagging, no bending
  • Test, test, test: After installing new ductwork, we perform various tests to determine pressure balance and ensure minimal leakage. Our ductwork sealing achieve 5% - 30% leakage elimination. New installations are close to 0% - Period

What Our Clients Say

Jason W.

Central Florida

My experience with 3HAC was amazing. Daniel called me back within minutes after letting them know about my AC not working. I called them at 1:30 pm on a Saturday. He arrived by 3 pm and by 3:30 my AC was running again. And the charge were minimal and fair.

Dino D.

Tampa, Florida

I had my a/c compressor kicking on and off on a Saturday night. I called 3H and Brian responded within minutes. He walked me through the process and had me running in less than 10 minutes. I've been with 3H for over 7 years and wouldn't change their company for the world. Brian's company is world class!

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