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5 Most Common Air Conditioner Problems in Tampa, FL

1. Dirty Filter
A blocked or dirty filter is one of the most frequent reasons air conditioners fail to perform correctly. Always replace your air filter according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Some filters should be replaced monthly, while others may be replaced every three months. Some filters are even reusable but need regular cleaning to perform properly.
Checking whether any light passes through a filter can help give you an idea if it needs replaced. If you don’t see any light passing through it chances are it’s very plugged up and will not allow air to pass as easily either. Filters that are clogged not only restrict airflow but may also cause the air conditioner to freeze up. Proper airflow is one of the most important aspects of any HVAC system which brings us to our next point…
2. Inadequate Airflow
Inadequate airflow is one of the most common AC problems. This means your air conditioner is malfunctioning or that a blockage is preventing air from moving through your home’s ductwork. A blocked air filter, damaged ductwork, or something more serious might be the source of the problem. If you are having issues with air pressure at your vents check your filter. If that looks good it’s time to give an HVAC expert a call.
3. High Humidity
Throughout the spring and summer, expect muggy conditions outdoors. This does not mean that you should be exposed to high humidity inside. Your air conditioner should manage humidity levels automatically. If you start to notice humidity rising indoors there is a problem and you should have us come take a look at your AC system.
4. Water Leaks
Since your air conditioner cools your home using refrigerant, it will likely create condensation while operating. If your HVAC is not properly maintained, drain lines can eventually plug up with algae, mold, or other debris causing water to leak inside.
5. Unusual Noises
When most air conditioners start-up and shut down, a low-level noise is produced. However, loud, sudden, or unexpected noises may signal major cooling system problems.
Have you encountered an issue with your air conditioner?
Contact a professional HVAC repair specialist before the dog days of summer to schedule maintenance or repairs to guarantee your air conditioner is in excellent operating order before it’s too late. We offer very affordable HVAC maintenance plans to help ensure you stay cool all summer long!

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