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5 Maintenance Tips For Commercial HVAC in Hot Tampa Summers

1. Always check and replace the air filters
These should be inspected at least once a month for dirt or clogging and replaced if necessary. Filters should be checked twice a month if there is a high concentration of dirt, pollen, dust, fibers, or other airborne particles. Once you know how dirty your HVAC filters get over certain periods of time you can start to inspect them over that period of time.
2. Ensure you clean the exterior and the interior unit properly
Both interior and exterior HVAC units require routine cleaning and maintenance during the summer, especially the outdoor units. Outdoor units are prone to collecting dirt, mud, trash, leaves, cut grass, dust, and other flying debris. Additionally, the electronic components and electrical connections must be cleaned and free of debris that might cause issues.
3. Check the condensation drain system
Condensed moisture must be drained off as part of the dehumidification process provided by air conditioners. Each unit has a condensation drain line that must be kept clear of obstructions to allow water to flow out of the building freely. A clogged drain can result in leaks inside the building and other malfunctions that can cause serious damage if ignored.
4. Inspect the ductwork
In commercial and industrial buildings, a large network of pipes (ducts) transport cooled air from the HVAC system to the working and/or living areas within the structure. A damaged air duct can result in air leaks, reducing the efficiency and energy consumption of the entire cooling system. Leaks can also make areas of a building very warm that are not normally warm. A professional should inspect these to ensure that they are free of obstructions, fissures, or poor connections. It’s also a good idea to make sure they are clean to improve air quality. Consistent filter changes can help keep ductwork clean as well.
5. Always inspect and replace the thermostat when necessary
This small but critical device can help your business save hundreds or thousands of dollars on energy costs by automatically adjusting the temperature and operating hours of the units. As a result, if your system is not operating correctly, your electricity bills will suffer. If your facility does not already have a programmable thermostat, now is an excellent time to have our experts install one for you!
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